LifeBalance Pilates Studio

What Is LifeBalance?

LifeBalance’s beautiful Orange Park studio offers small classes, individual attention, and a relentless commitment to safety. LifeBalance currently offers Reformer and chair small group classes and Private Sessions using Mixed Apparatus.

The main focus is balance; balancing your body, your mind, your life. “Balance is essential to a healthy lifestyle,” Tressa says, “and Pilates is a low impact, challenging way to find it. Performing exercises created to strengthen your core and build long lean muscles can bring dramatic, positive changes to the body and to the mind. All of my classes focus on helping clients create a healthy body and a healthy life balance.”

Please check our schedule and book online, or you can call or send a text message to Tressa at (904) 616-8121 for availability. Come check out LifeBalance’s fun and functional classes – we think you’ll love our vibe! See you soon!

Private Sessions

Get the personal attention you deserve!

Sometimes you need more personal attention than a group Pilates class. We can create a custom program to meet your specific goals, including: Sports Training, Rehabilitation, or Active Aging.  The intimate setting of private sessions allows for a greater mind-body connection and a deeper, faster connection of the core muscles and understanding of the pilates principles. This gives the client a jump start on meeting their health and wellness goals!

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Lifebalance Pilates is a small, locally owned boutique pilates studio that is nestled in the peaceful trees of The Office Pavilion in Orange Park.  This “hidden gem” as many refer to it, offers a non-judgmental, relaxing environment allowing you to find your health and wellness balance.


All of our instructors are certified in their areas of expertise. If you’d like to know more about our certifications and trainings, we’re happy to share. For information about our studio’s principle and owner, Tressa Kirilloff, click here.


We love being part of the First Coast community, and we love being out and about! If your company, group, or event is interested in a group class or training session, please contact us for pricing and availability.