Private Sessions

Private Pilates Sessions

During private sessions, clients work one-on-one with an instructor using the Classical Mat exercises as well as Pilates equipment.  A private session allows the instructor to personalize and tailor a workout just for you and your body.  This session is highly recommended if you are new to Pilates, have an injury or have not exercised in a long time. Private sessions are approximately 50 minutes. At LifeBalance we require new clients to complete an Introductory package of 3 Private Sessions to provide a good foundation for attending group classes.

Duet Pilates Sessions

A duet session consists of two clients working with one instructor on the
Pilates equipment. These sessions are best for those who are not injured and are relatively conditioned. It is recommended that you supply your own partner, but we can also pair you with someone of similar ability, goals and body type. Knowledge of the Pilates order and spring settings is just one of the many benefits of a 50 minute duet session.

Rehab or Sport Specific Sessions

By participating in the Pilates for Sports, you will experience many benefits. Pilates will improve your game, by targeting all of the muscles used in your sport. During a Pilates for Sport session, you will perform exercises that will concurrently enhance your balance, coordination, strength and flexibility. Additional focus will be on building core strength, improving muscular imbalances, posture, coordination, strength and flexibility, and increasing your breath capacity.

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