Journey to the Best Version of Self

“Take a deep breath and write…not inside your head as you normally do, but on paper to share with others”. So goes my own pep talk this morning as I sit down to write My First Blog Post. Isn’t it amazing how difficult it can be to try something new and to finally get out of your comfort zone?

Someone once said…“To be successful, you must become comfortable being uncomfortable.” How true! I am always in awe of my Pilates clients for beginning their wellness journey with me, because I know this challenge first hand, and they inspire me on a daily basis. It is a wonderful thing to pour myself into my clients and receive so much in return.

With that, each week I will begin sharing health and wellness information, inspirational quotes, favorite recipes, tips and strategies to stay motivated, as well as some of my own thoughts and struggles about my journey. This blog will help us all focus on progress not perfection. I promise, it will be fun!

I am on a journey to the best version of myself, would you like to come along?