LifeBalance’s beautiful Orange Park studio offers small classes, individual attention, and a relentless commitment to safety. LifeBalance currently offers Reformer and chair small group classes and Private Sessions using Mixed Apparatus.

Classes and Private Sessions are primarily taught by our owner and founder, Tressa Kirilloff. Her ability to blend Classical Pilates Principles and Exercises with the use of various equipment and props in a fun casual environment is what makes LifeBalance unique. We strive to keep the classes challenging and different each week!

Is LifeBalance just about Pilates?

The main focus is balance. Balancing your body, your mind, your life. “Balance is essential to a healthy lifestyle,” Tressa says, “and Pilates is a low impact, challenging way to find it. Performing exercises created to strengthen your core and build long lean muscles can bring dramatic, positive changes to the body and to the mind. All of my classes focus on helping clients create a healthy body and a healthy life balance.”

Private Sessions

Starting your Pilates practice with private sessions is very helpful and the benefits are endless. Our highly qualified instructors will teach you the basics and the Pilates principles, as well as introduce you to the equipment. Custom programs made to address each client’s individual goals including injury prevention and recovery, healthy aging, and sports conditioning.

When are you open?

Please check our schedule and book online, or you can call or text message Tressa at (904) 616-8121 for availability. Come check out LifeBalance’s fun and functional classes – we think you’ll love our vibe! See you soon!

Balance is essential to a healthy lifestyle!

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Tressa Kirilloff

Busy wife, mom, pilates nerd and marathon runner, Tressa knows first-hand how challenging it can be for her clients to juggle the demands of their lives and still pay attention to their health.

Pilates is more than exercise, it is a lifestyle that helps brings body awareness through mindful, core centered movement that can dramatically transform the way your body looks, feels and performs. For Tressa, this was the perfect way to achieve the healthy lifestyle goals she had already set for herself: flexibility for daily activities, strength for injury prevention, stress relief and a sensible yet realistic approach to nutrition.

A desire to share her passion for Pilates, health and helping people led Tressa to bring LifeBalance – Clay County’s only local community Pilates experience.

Tressa is comprehensively certified through Balanced Body and comprehensively trained through Polestar Pilates and the Vertical Workshop. “I find all of the ways that Pilates can improve lives, to be exciting and fascinating. There is so much to learn, I feel as though it is a long journey, but an important one. Helping people feel better makes me feel great… what a job perk!” Additionally, Tressa is a certified Health Coach through Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.